The new Forge 1.7.2 has come out, and I was excited to update my mod. Not anymore.
  The Forge update was like taking the Minecraft code and shuffling it like cards in a deck. Everything is in different places and I just got lost throughout my updating. It felt like I was modding another program.
  If anyone has any advice for me on the new Forge update (like how to add textures or how to set creative tabs, yep, even that's a hassle) I'd be really happy if you could aid me a little bit.
  Just so you know, I will continue to try to update the mod, so I'll see you when the mod has been updated.


12/29/2013 10:09am

hi, if you can put the next update for other weapons (if you want)

01/17/2014 9:09am

i really wish i could be of some help, we all do, but i barely downloaded the mod, so good luck! (also, it might just be for me but the harp wont play notes when i click on a letter, just the default "click!")

02/28/2014 8:06am

Are you sure you installed the mod correctly? If the sounds of the master sword sword beam works, then the harp sound should too. Hmmm, strange :/


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