Alright guys, during the making of the Master Sword Mod 2.0, I found out that there was another, more updated Zelda mod out there supporting more features than my current one. With all the stress that Minecraft Modding is giving me (trust me, the new features are HARD to make) I think I should take a break from modding for a while and stop this mod.
  If you want a URL to it, here:
  Don't worry; I may come back with another, more unique mod. In the meantime, feel free to comment mod ideas in the comments and, you never know... they may
  I have some exciting news for you guys! Instead of updating the current mod, I have decided to create a new mod; a Master Sword Mod 2.0! I shall remake the recipes and add more exciting features to the Master Sword Mod, and have it updated to 1.7.2! Be sure to look forward to it...
  Sorry I don't have more details, I've only just started this project :P
  Thanks for waiting for the next update!
  The new Forge 1.7.2 has come out, and I was excited to update my mod. Not anymore.
  The Forge update was like taking the Minecraft code and shuffling it like cards in a deck. Everything is in different places and I just got lost throughout my updating. It felt like I was modding another program.
  If anyone has any advice for me on the new Forge update (like how to add textures or how to set creative tabs, yep, even that's a hassle) I'd be really happy if you could aid me a little bit.
  Just so you know, I will continue to try to update the mod, so I'll see you when the mod has been updated.
  I've finally ported the Master Sword Mod to 1.6.4. However, I couldn't port it to 1.7.2 because it's relatively new and there is currently no Forge for it.
  The sound system for 1.6.4 is kinda messed up for me, so the installation method changed a bit. It's better to have the installation change than not have the mod at all over a mere sound bug :P
  I've added a few new features in this new Master Sword Mod version; be sure to check it out!
  Just so you know in advance, the new Goddess's Harp is a little buggy; but it won't crash your Minecraft client.
  Well, see you again on the 1.7.2 update, or whenever I need to make a new post.

 If you know how to register sounds to Minecraft 1.6.4 with Forge and keep the mod in a .zip file to remain in the mods folder, please comment on this post. Much help would be appreciated!
Today, I have decided to move from MediaFire to Dropbox, for these reasons:
  • It is easier and quicker for me to release new versions of the Master Sword Mod for you to download.
  • People, who are new to the Internet, won't fall for adverts because there are none in Dropbox, but there are in MediaFire.
  • The layout of Dropbox is clear and professional.
  • You know what button to click on to download the mod, and not iLivid or something (pretty much the second point)
I am not sure about using Dropbox, since I have never used Dropbox in this way before. Let me know what you think about Dropbox in the comments section below. See you in the next update!

That's right, I've implemented potions to the Master Sword Mod! For information on them, check out the 'What is this mod?' section at the top. If you find any new bugs or want to tell me an idea for my mod, feel free to comment on this post or say so in the Minecraft Forum!
I'm having a lot of trouble with the textures with 1.6.1. If you're a Minecraft Modder and willing to contribute to this mod and has the textures working with 1.6.1, help me out please :P
Yeah, sorry for the late update. I had some trouble with the icons for the sprites :P
Anyway, I think it was a bad idea to update it so late because 1.6 will be out next week. That means I'll have to update my mod AGAIN very soon...
If you have any suggestions for what to improve on my mod, feel free to say it on the Minecraft Forum :D
  Well, I have just started making the Master Sword Mod official website. This is quite a big for me, because I never expected my mod to be this popular... anyways, I'm making a website for the mod because on the Minecraft forums, I am limited to the amount of information I can give you about the mod. A link to the Minecraft forum page will be given on the homepage, and vice versa for the forum. Well, I've got to get back to work on the website. See you guys then.
- Taking1n1